BPM CLIENT - Auto-Accept Not Working

You got BPM version 6.5.31 on 2019-03-12:
In this version the auto accept should work.

Form Takes Time To Load

  • Restart windream Workflow service from server

Process locked by 0000000

  • we should try to find out which user the process is locked by.
  • select dwID, szLockedBy from wmfrprocess where dwID = 307600;
  • (please correct the ID value if necessary, it is concealed by the context menu in the screenshot)
  • If it says 00000000 in szLockedBy then the process is locked by “SYSTEM USER”. In that case we can remove the lock by replacing 00000000 with NULL. (not an empty string!)
  • Please stop the windream Workflow-Service before making that change in the database.

BPM WEB CLIENT – InValid ViewState Error

We were using BPM Web client (accepting-commiting processes) and then kept it idle for some time. When we tried to continue (i.e select any process), an error pops up. See attached image.
We were able to remove that error by logging in again. But why does this happen? Is there any other method to get rid of this error message?
The web application has a pre-configured connection time-out, normally 120 seconds.
After inactivity of the user for this time the IIS will kill the session.
You can change the time-out value in the IIS Manger:

BPM WEB CLIENT - Labels Not Displayed Properly

There seems to be a problem with label fields in BPM Web.
If (in BPM Designer) you give a value to the Text property of a label it can be that the assigned Variable value will not be shown in BPM Web client (in native BPM client the Variable value will overwrite the Text value).

BPM WEB CLIENT – Image Not displaying (Not checked)

Please check the security settings for the folder “C:\inetpub\wwwroot\windream BPM Webclient\Cache\WMHTMLDocCache”. It must exist and “everybody” should have the right to write into this folder.
Please check also that the windream HTML-Service is running! Set Startup type to Automatic and start it.

BPM CLIENT - Configure Custom View

An administrator can preconfigure client settings. The these settings can be exported. When you copy the Main.xml into the setup folder it will be installed automatically to %programfiles%\windream GmbH\BPM\Client\Configuration or %programfiles%\windream GmbH\windream BPM Client\Bin\Configuration.
When a user will run windream BPM client for the first time the Main.xml is copied to the user settings %appdata%\windream GmbH\windream BPM\Client\User65.xml. From this point, user defined settings are only stored in this file – the Main.xml will no longer be used for this user.
So if you want to roll out new view settings you can copy the exported Main.xlm to %programfiles%\windream GmbH\BPM\Client\Configuration and the delete %appdata%\windream GmbH\windream BPM\Client\User65.xml. The next time a user runs the windream BPM client the Main.xml will be copied to the User65.xml.

BPM CLIENT - Focus On Process When Clicking On Link

Talking to my colleagues I got the information that there was a bug regarding this feature (highlighting a job via hyperlink).
There is a patch that I uploaded to your Web Portal folder:
Do a backup of the BPM Webclient folder. Copy all in AppData to your BPM Web Folder (normally C:\inetpub\wwwroot\windream BPM Webclient).  Copy all in Nls to you windream NLS folder (normally C:\Program Files\windream GmbH\windream\NLS\BPMWEB50). Afterwards you have to restart the IIS App Pool.

BPM CLIENT - Rename Variables Permanently

These settings are configured in the file "C:\Program Files\windream GmbH\windream\NLS\BPMWEB50\WMWFJobListControl.csv".
Search for “txtVariable”. First column is internal name (“txtVariable1”); second column is German visible column header (“Variable 1”); third column is English visible column header (“Variable 1”). Rename “Variable 1” to “Sales No”. Changes will take effect at once after refreshing the browser window.