BPM CLIENT – General Error

  • Check server name
  • User must be domain user and must be added in windream – user group
  • Right click on windream system tray icon > Service Manager > Check if Workflow service is “ON”
  • Open “Windows Services” window > manually turn on each service.
  • Open “BPM Server Configuration” window and restart server.

BPM CLIENT - Root Element Missing Error

It seems like the BPM Client’s configuration file is corrupt. Please take a look at this folder: C:\Users\<Username>\AppData\Roaming\windream GmbH\windream BPM\Client
A User65.xml file should reside there. Please delete that file. BPM Client will recreate the file the next time it is started. This will delete all settings, so you will have to specify the BPM server again and possibly change some settings back to the preferred values.

BPM CLIENT - View Settings Change On Restart

The variable names (=column names) configured in the csv files on the bpm server cannot getting reset on system restart. There is no windream functionality that does so.
Upgrades may be a problem when you run a new windream BPM (Web) Server setup. The setup will overwrite existing NLS (.csv) files and you may lose changes you have made to those files.
User settings in the BPM Web Client are saved in “C:\inetpub\wwwroot\windream BPM Webclient\Cache\ClientLayouts\<userID>_gv<Plugin>.dat”.
Saving is done automatically at logoff.

BPM WEB CLIENT – Attaching Files
You will need 1-n document variables (in this sample is 1 variable named “Document”). Activate the variable in the Documents section. Click “Add File”

If you want to use an existing file from windream, chose that file and click “Add File”.

If you want to use a file outside windream, you have to upload it first. Chose the target folder and click “Upload File”.
Then chose the local file and click “Open”.

The file will be uploaded, then you can chose and add it (see step before).